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US approves missile sales to India worth 92 million USD

What is the issue ?

They are the Torpedoes lightweight missiles and Harpoon air-launched missiles.The missiles are being sold at 155 million USD.

The cost of Harpoon missiles is 92 million USD and that of Torpedoes is 63 million USD. The missiles will help India to improve its capability against threats from enemy weapon system. The lightweight Torpedoes will be used to in anti-submarine warfare missions.

The Harpoon is an anti-ship missile used to attack an enemy boat or ship. The torpedoes is an underwater missile that can be launched below or above the water.

What benefit will U.S have ?

According to the US, the missiles will help the United States to strengthen one of its major defence partner. Also, it will help in bringing peace, political stability and economic progress in the Indo-Pacific region.

About Harpoon Missile ?

Harpoon Block II is an over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile manufactured by Boeing Defence, Space & Security. It is the world’s superior anti-ship missile capable of performing land-strike and anti-ship missions. The all-weather missile can engage a wide variety of land-based targets, including coastal defence sites, surface-to-air missile sites, aircraft, port or industrial facilities, and naval ships anchored in ports. Over 600 warships, 180 submarines, 12 types of aircraft and mobile land-based launch platforms are armed with Harpoon missiles.

Harpoon Block II Features

The major system components of the Harpoon Block II missile include a booster, launch support structure and canisters, as well as command and launch system. The 500-pound penetration, high-explosive blast warhead provides the missile with enough firepower to destroy coastal defence and surface-to-air missile sites, aircraft, port / industrial installations and docked ships.

The ship-launched Harpoon Block II has a length of 4.62m, while the length of the air-launched missile is 3.84m. The diameter of the missile is 34.3cm. The weight varies between 526kg and 690.8kg based on the launch configuration.

What benefit will India have ?

India will use the missiles strengthen its homeland defences. Also, these missiles are completely compatible with India’s p-81 aircrafts and therefore, there are no difficulties for India to absorb these systems in its armed forces.

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Govt Crackers Copy Right ©®™
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