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SSB Interview Tips golden rules for SSB interview

If the candidates are preparing well to clear the SSB process which is the second obstacle to become a Defence Officer then they need to check out  various things. To reach the Zenith of their hopes and dreams preparation is not enough. Interview process or procedure needs to be understood completely so that candidates are prepared well for each step.  As we all know, SSB interview is almost a 5 days process in which candidates are streamlined to choose the best.

Do’s of SSB Interview

  • Keeping the records of all the documents is necessary because if someone fails to bring them then they will not be entertained further.

  • “First impression is the last impression” we know the meaning very well; so the candidates should dress up neatly to look smart.  Looking smart always gives confidence.

  • Address the group as Gentleman, or friends. Knowing each individual with his/her name will help become friendly in group tasks as well where team work is essential.

  • Look smart, cheerful and enthusiastic

  • Be audible but not too loud. Appear keen to speak and respond to questions.

  • Day 1 will start with (OIR) Officer Intelligence Rating. The test will start early so candidates are advised to take proper rest a night before.

  • PPDT round demands story from the candidates which should be creative and practical at the same  time.  Rules should be read carefully before attempting the test. Positivity is what all the candidates need while writing the story for PPDT which will not only look impressive but also tells about the candidates' personality.

  • If you have not understood anything, politely ask for a clarification or to repeat the question.

  • Must be clear about facts and figures regarding your bio-data, marks obtained, ranking in competitive exams, dates, names of school / institution, teachers, friends etc. Avoid stating “I do not remember” and respond as far as possible.

  • A large number of questions are normally asked at one go in a sequence. Try and remember all these questions and attempt to answer them in the same sequence. If you fail to recollect all questions, finish those you remember and then request to clarify for anything, left out.

  • Errors in English should be practiced well before usage of correct tense  is important. As competition is really high one  silly mistake can drown the candidates. Usage of correct vocabulary while writing story will give the candidates an edge over others.

  • The biggest problem is that the candidates should not listen to understand, the candidates should listen to reply. So the candidates should be attentive while listening to others.

  • Watch TV News for updating yourself in candidates lines / waiting room.

  • Listen to complete questions before attempting to reply.

  • The candidates should smile to make themselves presentable while speaking in front of public.

Dont’s of SSB Interview

  • The candidates should not bluff or write any false information in their document.

  • The moment the candidates get nervous, judges will catch them and this will give an impression of their weakness in character while writing story. Everyone expect something out of the box and creativity.

  • The candidates should not show their dominance as it will not work in group discussions. So, the candidates should not try to become a dictator which can be harmful for their scores.

  • The candidates should not try to give coach/tutored ideas while responding to psychological test.

  • Do not be shabbily dressed.

  • Do not discuss the questions asked by interviewing officer

  • Do not reply as has been told to you by the candidates interviewed before you. Their questions may have had a different perspective.

  • Avoid guess work. Better be polite and say I don’t know, sir, I shall find out”.

  • Don’t keep mobile, watch etc on person during interview.

  • The candidates should be themselves. If anyone tries to become smart then assessors can build a negative impression about their personality which can be very harmful in clearing the SSB process.

  • In the group tasks, the candidates should not wait for the opportunity to come their way. They should grab the opportunity. No one gives a chance, we have to take it by ourselves.

  • The candidates should not comment on anyone personally and they should not shout in group discussions.

Crack it , Get it

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