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Selection Centre North, Kapurthala was raised in 2015.

It has two Services Selection Boards namely:

31 SSB

32 SSB

One of the newest selections centers.

The motto of the centre is "NISHPAKSH, NIHSWARTH, NISSANDEH”

The centre would provisionally function for around three years from Kapurthala military station and after that it would be shifted to the state of art 200-acre campus at Ropar (near Chandigarh), which is at present under construction.


The selection center is right now only operational for boys.

History of the city

Kapurthala State, with its capital at Kapurthala, was a former Princely state of Punjab, Ruled by Ahluwalia Sandhu Sikh rulers.

The dynasty's records trace their ancestry to the Bhatti tribe of Jaisalmer. After 1530 they are called Bhatti, and ultimately, the Hindu deity Krishna.

Krishna's descendant Gaj built the fort of Gajni, and lost his life in a battle against a joint Roman-Khorasani army.

His son Salibahan established the city of Sialkot, and started the Shak era after defeating the Shaks in 78 CE.

After the Muslim conquest of Punjab, his descendants migrated to the Jaisalmer area, where they came to be known as Bhatti tribe.

After Alauddin Khalji's conquest of Jaisalmer, some of the Bhatti tribe people's migrated to Tarn Taran district, mingled with Jats.

Gradually, they came to be known as Jats, and in the 17th century, they joined Guru Hargobind's army.

Ganda Singh Sandhu of this family raided Lahore, whose governor Dilawar Khan persuaded him to join the Lahore army, and assigned him the fief of Ahlu and some other villages.

Sadhu Singh Sandhu and his four sons married into Kalal families, because of which the family came to be known as Ahluwalia Sandhu.

The descendants of Sadhu Singh Sandhu son Gopal Singh Sandhu (who was the grandfather of Jassa Singh) established the royal family of Kapurthala.

Facts about Kapurthala

City is often referred to as the ‘Paris of Punjab’.

It is an agricultural market.

It has several manufacturing industries, producing chemicals, paints, and pharmaceutical products.

The monuments and gardens in the city are evident of the Indo-Saracen and French style architecture.

Glimpse of Ahluwalia dynasty can be witnessed.

The city is a famous tourist attraction in Punjab due to its distinctive architecture and gardens.

Reporting & connectivity for Kapurthala

Address: Selection Centre North, Near DC Chowk, Kapurthala, Punjab

Phone: 1822-230127

Reporting Point: Parking Zone, outside platform No 1, Kapurthala Railway Station

Connectivity for Kapurthala

Rail – Kapurthala railway station

Airport – Amritsar International Airport (66km away)

Road – Kapurthala is very well connected with Punjab and Northern states of India. Kapurthala is at a distance of 19 Kms Southwest of Jalandhar.

Places of interest

Sainik School (Jagatjit Palace) - The Sainik School, formerly known as Jagatjit Palace, is housed in what was formerly the palace of the erstwhile Maharajah of Kapurthala state, HRH Maharajah Jagatjit Singh.

Pushpa Gujral Science City - This is the largest and the second Science City in India. The first one exists in Kolkata. Situated on Jalandhar-Kapurthala road in an area of 72 acres, it is named after the mother of former Prime Minister of India Shri I.K. Gujral who was a social worker.

The Moorish Mosque - Kapurthala situated in Kapurthala in the Indian State of Punjab is patterned on the lines of the Grand Mosque of Marrakesh, Morocco. It was commissioned by Maharajah Jagatjit Singh, the last ruler of Kapurthala.

Panch Mandir - Panch Mandir, dedicated to several Hindu deities and was built during the reign of Maharaj Fatah.

Kanjli Wetland – It was created by building headworks across the Bien River in 1870 to provide irrigation facilities to the region. The Kanjli Lake is formed as a part of this man-made wetland and is a famous picnic spot surrounded by some amazing surroundings.

The Elysee Palace- It was built in 1962 by Kanwar Bikram Singh, in the Indo-French style architecture. The Palace is a famous monument in the city with its magnificent façade and monolithic structure. Today this structure has been converted into the MGN School.

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