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The institute was initially established as an Experimental Selection Board at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun in 1943.

The Board was renamed as No 7 General Selection Board in March 1944, then Royal Indian Air Force Board and moved to its present location at Clement Town in Oct 1948.

The board was renamed as Royal Indian Air Force Selection Board. Post 26 Jan 1950, it was renamed as Air Force Selection Board. in 1962, with Mysore coming up as 2 AFSB, the unit was renamed as 1 AFSB.


The city is priority center for afsb candidates due to its climate.

· History of the city

Ø According to Skanda Purana, Dun formed part of the region called Kedar Khand.

Ø It was included in the kingdom of Ashoka by the end of the 3rd century B.C.

Ø In April 1815 Gorkhas were ousted from Garhwal region and Garhwal was annexed by the British. In that year the area now comprising tehsil Dehra Dun was added to district Saharanpur.

Ø In 1825, however, it was transferred to the Kumaon Division.

Ø In 1828, Dehra Dun and Jaunsar Bhabar were placed under the charge of a separate Deputy Commissioner and in 1829, the Dehra Dun district was transferred from the Kumaon Division to the Meerut Division.

Ø In 1842, Dun was attached to Saharanpur district and placed under an officer subordinate to the Collector of the district but since 1871 it is being administered as separate district.

Facts about Dehradun

Ø Dehradun was founded in the 18th century by a Sikh Guru called Guru Ram Rai.

Ø Dehradun is mentioned as a part of the Kedarkhand region.

Ø The legendary Ashoka once reigned over Dehradun.

Ø For a short span, the city was ruled by the Gurkhas.

Ø Dehradun boasts of its highly prestigious educational institutions that makes it the ‘Educational Hub of India’.

Ø Doon is a proud producer of Litchi, Tea and Basmati rice.

Ø Surprisingly Dehradun is situated at a lower altitude than Bangalore.

Ø Dehradun was also the abode of Maharishi Gautam.

Ø Besides Bombay and Delhi, Dehradun was the only place where Cabaret shows were organized.

Reporting & connectivity for Dehradun

Clement Town, Dehradun – 248002

Fax – 0135-2640104

Phone – 0135-2642269

Reporting Point – Movement Control Office (MCO), Dehradun Railway Station. Contact No.0135 2642269.

Connectivity for Dehradun

Rail – Dehradun railway station

Airport – Jolly Grant Airport

Road – The bus terminal ISBT connects it to nearby major cities by bus.

Places of interest

Robber's Cave -Popularly called Guchhipani or Guchu Pani. It is surrounded by majestic hills and offers a glorious trek up the mountains.

Sahastradhara - meaning 'thousand-fold spring' is popular for its ecstatic beauty and therapeutic value since its water contains Sulphur. While the place can be visited any time during the year, you would love the charming beauty of the waterfall during rainy season when the stream proposes the appearance of a gushing torrent.

Mindrolling - which means "Place of Perfect Emancipation" in Tibetan language, is the largest Buddhist Vihara of India, training monks for over 300 years.

Lacchiwalla- is famous for its lush greenery unspoiled by human activity. It is located at a small drive away from Dehradun. You can stay over at picturesque cottages and hotels.

Malsi Deer Park- is a zoological garden and it is home to two horned Deer, Tiger, Neelgai, Peacock and many other animals. This well-maintained zoological garden is an ideal place for picnic.

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